Boddop is a global platform designed specifically for students to book their holiday accommodation in private student halls worldwide.


A global marketplace for students to book their short-term holiday accommodation in private student halls worldwide.

Benefiting from secure and trusted partners globally, students will take advantage of low cost stay whilst enjoying the amenities and communities of these student accommodations.

Why Boddop?

“Experience” has been the most important element for students who study in universities or colleges. Millions of students across the globe travelling to discover new cultures and places differences every year.

Most students struggle to stay in hotels due to high cost for their budget. This forces them have less travel or delay their plans due to not being able to handle the low-cost accommodations that may not be comfortable and secure.

Boddop is designed for university students to find secure and affordable accommodation to stay and support private halls to fill their available units with an aim to increase occupancy during the year.


A tech savvy bunch, our team created a sophisticated and simple online platform which will allow your rooms to be listed through data feed automatically and provide:

  • Full control on room availability and bookings
  • Infrastructure to verify student’s identit
  • Secure payment with Stripe where the rent payment can be transferred instantly

All you need to do is to provide the keys to students on arrival.